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Wintery Heart

Women’s Health: What should you know about heart health?

February – as American Heart Month – is the perfect time to talk about heart disease in women. Symptoms of a heart attack in women can be a little different than those in men. The most classic symptom is chest pain – in the front, radiating to either shoulder or down either arm, as well [...]

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winter workout

Targeting high blood pressure with exercise

Exercise is a drug free approach to lowering blood pressure.  Regular aerobic or dynamic (moving) exercise depend mainly on the energy derived from consuming oxygen or your increased oxygen consumption helps your heart/cardiovascular system become stronger and more efficient at pumping blood, thus lower/control blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure (the top number) will rise with [...]

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Fitness vs Thinness

What heart rate should I exercise at?

What is cardiovascular exercise? Cardiovascular exercise (cardio) is when you are taking in increased amounts of oxygen and working your heart and lungs (the cardiovascular system) to a level sufficient to make positive changes to the system. Examples of positive changes include an increased VO2 maximum, decreased resting heart rate, and the obvious better intake [...]

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Eight reasons women should lift weights

Many women fear “getting big” from lifting weights and just stick with cardio.   However, women do not have the testosterone levels that males do, making it virtually impossible to put on huge quantities of muscle.  Large increases in muscle mass are due to: Lifting heavy weights with minimal repetitions (for example, bench press 100# 3 [...]

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A Review of 26 Healthy Habits Part Three: Types of Workouts

In this information age, there are a million voices to be heard, but is anybody really listening? The amount of traffic our minds get really makes it difficult to slow down and pay attention to any information, and then what information should I listen too? I’ve been reviewing just such information touching on 26 habits [...]

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man working out

How to Beat the Winter Exercising Blues

Something seems to kick in once the cold of winter comes and the snow flies which causes people to become bear like and want to hibernate, adding another layer of fat to the 6 they already have just in case a winter storm locks them indoors without any food…Does that sound like you?  Well, you [...]

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Back to Basics: Part One

It can be difficult to fit a workout into a busy life, especially during the holidays, as a busy woman that works outside the home! In December, you’ll receive the specific exercises that you can do. But for now, set aside time to move and follow the guidelines below to establish your habit this month. [...]

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McCulloughB Color

FAQ: Does exercise help relieve menstrual cramp pain?

Written by: Brita McCullough, M.D. A: Great question! The answer is yes, exercise can help to ease the pain of menstrual cramps in women. Exercise relieves cramps because it helps your body release beta-endorphins, which are internal opioids. Internal opioids are a substance produced in the brain that acts as a natural pain reliever for [...]

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SantaCruz Color

Simple, everyday exercises to build a strong heart

By: Richard Santa-Cruz, MD, Cardiologist with the Dale Michels Center for Heart Care To have a strong and healthy heart, it is very important to stay active and exercise! Anything that gets your heart rate jumping will improve heart strength, including jumping up and down when the Packers score a touchdown in a tie game with only [...]

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True or False? Exercising increases stress and blood pressure.

False!  We all know that exercise will reduce stress and decrease blood pressure. Exercise releases good chemicals into our bloodstream, endorphins for one. Exercise can be used to decrease the symptoms of depression or seasonal affective disorder by combating the harmful chemicals the body dumps into it with stress and depression.  Exercise also reduces muscle [...]

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