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Staying motivated to train

When setting up a training program for one of our fitness members I heard a familiar question.  “How do I motivate myself to keep coming”.  It’s a question that all of us ask ourselves during workouts or even in our daily lives.  The answer isn’t simple, it’s not about willpower or rewards.  It boils down […]

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Gratitude Practice To Refresh Your Soul

During the business of the holiday season coming…please take time, each day to write down 3 things you are grateful and or thankful for each day.  Focus on what you are doing right, good choices and positive things to fuel you for the next month.  This is a good practice to improve your mood and […]

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Beating the Thoughts that Fuel Procrastination

Below are some typical errors in thinking that we make when we approach a task that overwhelms, bores or bothers us.  Try to spot your favorite thinking errors so that you can talk back next time you are attempting to put something off! I.  “I am not in the mood right now” When your boss […]

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Have you ever been mellow?

Through my years as a physician, I have developed an interest in what I call “rustproofing people”—taking good care of ourselves, like we do of our cars in order to last longer and look better. There is a great deal written about taking care of one’s physical health—common sense and moderation in food and drink, […]

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Keep your kids on the move: Part One

Part One: Why movement is key You and your siblings snickered when your parents told you stories about having to walk three miles a day to school through a raging blizzard. You had no idea the challenge you would face many years later shooing your own children off the couch. Physical inactivity is a major […]

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Healing Thoughts: March 2014

Through Agnesian HealthCare’s Bereavement Services, support is available during this grieving process to individuals and their families following the death of a loved one.  All services are offered at no charge and are available to any individual or group who has experienced the death of a family member or friend. Check out this month’s Healing […]

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Indoor Workouts for the Winter Months

The cold weather is here, and you have no intention running through the snow and cold to stay in shape. What is the best way to keep your body from hibernating this winter? Should you workout out at home or join a gym? Each has their pros and cons. Equipment is a big positive for […]

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Video Blog: Are My Everyday Choices Important?

Year after year, month after month, day after day. For many of us, life seems pretty routine—almost as if God’s not around at all. In this message, Bishop Don helps us see God in our everyday lives.

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Loneliness of Grief

One of the most painful aspects of the grieving process can be loneliness.  We expect to be sad, but the feeling of loneliness and emptiness has its own kind of pain.  It can be extremely scary.  You are not alone in feeling these feelings. It makes perfect sense to feel lonely at times.  The one […]

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