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Summer 2012

Promote healthy eating as a family

Parents whose children reach for fruits and vegetables instead of candy and chips are more than just lucky. They most likely are healthy eaters themselves and usually aren’t afraid to sample unique foods in front of their children. Children learn more about wholesome patterns by mimicking their parents than they do from reading or listening [...]

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How to prepare for cold water swims

As the triathlon season is starting to kick off in many parts of the country, the thoughts of getting into the open water start to enter the minds of many. There are many questions that should be going through your head, which include: Does my wetsuit still fit? What kind of swim cap will I [...]

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Child depressed

Signs My Child Needs Mental Health Support

It is normal for children and teens to go through a variety of emotional changes; however, when a child is experiencing symptoms of mental illness, these changes can continue to disrupt their daily life if left untreated. What are some ways to tell if my child needs professional help? 1)      Mood Swings. There has been [...]

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sleep insomnia

Are Allergies Stealing Your Sleep?

With approximately one in five Americans suffering from allergies, many of us do not have a good night’s sleep during specific times of year. The earlier in the season a sufferer is exposed to allergens, the more susceptible they are to develop symptoms and to have problems with even lower levels of these allergens later [...]

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