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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when again when fitness centers fill up with New Year’s “resolutioners.” There is a mad rush to the treadmill or weight machine, then two months later the gym numbers return to normal. How do you avoid the same pitfalls that these individuals always seem to run in to? First, set […]

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Why Core Training?

If you have read anything over the past few years about fitness training or athletic performance, then you have heard the term “core training”.  However, you probably have heard it with little or no data to back up why you should add it to your training routine.  Well, a recent French study demonstrated that a […]

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Tips to running your first 5K without training for greater than 30 minutes a day

Written by: Joel Mason, P.T. with Agnesian HealthCare Bone & Joint Health Ever get interested in completing a 5K Race but afraid to try? There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is much more common than you might think, but the task is also more achievable than many realize. The most common concern I encountered […]

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Exercise: a moderate proposal (Part Two)

Part Two: Raising your heart rate In terms of heart rate, experts define moderate activity as anything that gets the heart beating at 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate; vigorous, at 70 to 85 percent of capacity. Although there are individual variations due to genetics and fitness levels, you can generally determine […]

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Exercise: a moderate proposal (Part One)

Part One: Why exercise is so beneficial While Dan is hardly a marathon man, he believes in the benefits of exercise – moderate exercise. Each night after dinner, he walks about two miles at a leisurely pace. Is that enough exercise for good health? When the aerobics movement gained momentum in the mid-1970s, the emphasis […]

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Getting back on track after the holidays…

If you need a kick in the pants after the holidays, here’s 10 pieces of advice on how to do that. I started with the don’ts…and then gave you some do’s. For example, don’t wing it and expect to lose 10 pounds…don’t starve yourself and then give in to binge eating. Be smart about it, […]

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A Review of 26 Healthy Habits Part Three: Types of Workouts

In this information age, there are a million voices to be heard, but is anybody really listening? The amount of traffic our minds get really makes it difficult to slow down and pay attention to any information, and then what information should I listen too? I’ve been reviewing just such information touching on 26 habits […]

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Indoor Cycling – Banish the Boredom!

How many of you haven’t done any form of exercise since it started getting cold out? Is your bike sitting in the garage with flat tires? You know there is something you can do about that? Get a trainer and start riding inside! I frequently hear from my cycling friends that the “trainer is sooooooo […]

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Winter Workout Series: Circuit 2

The following video contains our second exercise circuit in the Winter Workout Series.   This group can be done separate but if added to all of the supersets previous released will make a calorie-busting workout.  This group consists of Push ups to T, Box Blasts, Dumbbell Shoulder to Shoulder lifts and a Side Plank with Reach.  […]

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Fitness Rewards!

If you are getting back into a fitness routine or just need a new motivation to push you through to a new goal, using rewards is a great way to get started or keep going.  First, setting goals (SMART goals) and using non-food rewards is a great way to keep yourself motivated or get motivated. […]

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