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How many calories should I be eating?

For a simple way to calculate the number of calories you should be eating, take your body weight and multiply it by 10. This amount will maintain your current weight. If you are not happy with that weight or need to lose a few pounds, read on.  These guidelines are approved by Heather Schmidt, DO, [...]

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In The Springtime of Your Grief

It has been such a long winter this year, the never-ending snow, subzero weather reports and the gale force winds. I have never looked forward to getting spring fever as much as I have this year. I long to stand in my kitchen window and see the first flowers of spring peek through the brown [...]

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What is in a pound?

Many people wonder why they don’t lose weight. The biggest reason is a lack of calorie deficit in there day. It’s simple math, calories in must equal exercise calories out to maintain, lose or gain. Here’s a what if …a pound of weight loss equals the need for a deficit of 3,500 calories. Doing this [...]

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Women lifting

Creatine: Before or After Workout

Are you wanting to increase your lean body mass or increase your strength for an upcoming sport season?  According a to recent study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (www.jissn.com/content/10/1/36 ), using creatine after a workout has a greater effect on strength and lean body mass in bodybuilders who used creatine [...]

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Exercise and work: how to fit it all in your busy day

Another morning comes and you miss your alarm to get up to exercise. You get up, get dressed and head to work for another day. While you tell yourself that you’ll exercise AFTER work, you’re running late and still have to make dinner and get the children ready for bed. You make a deal that [...]

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What should I do with those white elastic stockings the nurses send home with me from the hospital?

Did you ever wonder what you should do with those white elastic stockings the nurses send home with you from the hospital?  You wore them while in the hospital, are you to wear them at home too? Those stockings are called anti-embolism stockings or TED stockings. They are meant to be worn while a person [...]

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Life Lesson #3: My Badge of Honor

It’s time to share our grief. Grief can be a full range of emotions that come in waves over an extended period of time. Grieving is a natural process and is very normal. You may feel as if you are living life in slow motion or walking in a fog. You may not be able [...]

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Here’s how to get started on a positive body image breakthrough

Sometimes we use “thinness” and diets as a metaphor for what we really want in life. We think, “When I lose weight, I’ll finally be happy.” Being thin won’t make you happy. Being healthy and well will improve your sense of satisfaction with your life. You’ll have more energy; you’ll sleep better; your moods might [...]

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Did you know that most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom?

For older adults or anyone with limited mobility, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Wet, slippery floors and sharp corners can cause serious injury and even death. Concerned individuals can add simple bathroom equipment to increase safety and easy access while in the bathroom. And, there are safety products, like a [...]

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New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Women

Are you part of the 45 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions, only to let yourself down and not follow through on them? It is common that most women want to eat less, eat healthier, exercise more, make time for the children, and on and on. According to WebMD, we need to follow [...]

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