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Christmas Stress

Surviving the Holiday Season

Written by: Lauren Turner, Predoctoral Intern with St. Agnes Hospital Behavioral Health While the holidays are a time of cheer, spirit and warmth, this is also a notoriously stressful time of year. Finding that perfect gift, hosting family dinners and dealing with often unpredictable weather can make the holidays a time of anxiety rather than […]

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Obesity Overtaking

Written by: Rosanne Wetzel, Dietetic Intern UW-Green Bay In a day and age where children are bombarded with media and completely absorbed in new technology, how do we get the importance of physical well-being to be the influence that will “tip the scales” in the right direction? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more […]

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Woman thinking

Changing your attitude to loose that spare tire

Are you carrying around a few extra pounds and not sure how to get rid of it? Have you tried every fad diet, bizarre food combination or late night TV gadget that promises weight loss? Well, you must face this fact – no matter what late night TV fitness guru preaches – gimmicks do not […]

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Helping Kids and Teens Return to School And Succeed Academically

It happens every year at this time. Parents and kids across the country are getting ready for the start of the school year once again. There are certain key practices that will make life easier for everyone in the family when it comes to managing schoolwork. Generally speaking, families can start the school year off […]

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Keep your kids on the move: Part Two

Part Two: How to reverse the trend What can parents do to help their children become more active? You know how effective your parents were when they lectured or preached at you. Nagging children to get out of the chair is not only ineffective but sometimes counter-productive. However, there are strategies that work. Attack in […]

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Holiday Workout

Tips to get through the holidays …and stay on track with your health and fitness goals

Plan Ahead! Eat a good meal before you go to a party so that you can pass up high calorie snacks. Nobody will notice that you don’t have a plate that you refill 10 times. The holidays are about spending time with people, right? SO do it! Less focus on food, more on the ones […]

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Don’t just sit there; get moving

Studies have shown that good cardiovascular health requires not only regular exercise but avoidance of prolonged sitting and inactivity. For example, men spending long hours in front of a screen or behind the wheel on the expressway were more likely to die of heart disease even if they exercised. A number of studies have demonstrated […]

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How to combat computer neck?

Do you suffer from computer neck? Are you hunched forward from your job or are you on your computer Googling too much information for your latest project? Are you sedentary – meaning the wheels on your rolling chair get more exercise than you do? Do you feel stiff and like you need to unfold your […]

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Will the Shake Weight Work? A One-Month Test

Article review by Janelle B. Baldwin, PTA, CWT, STS, CSCI I was recently forwarded an article about the Shake Weight…Will It Work by Nicole McDermott.  She conducted an experiment using the gyrating “fitness device” with an included video for three weeks because her roommate swore by it. She was amazed at the sweat she built […]

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Family watching television, c. 1958

Setting Your Priorities: Finding Balance in Family Life

Are you living a balanced life, with time and energy devoted to what is most important? Do you find yourself moving from one activity to another without taking a breath? If you do not feel as though you are in charge of your life, it may be time to slow down and re-prioritize. Complete the […]

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