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Eight reasons women should lift weights

Many women fear “getting big” from lifting weights and just stick with cardio.   However, women do not have the testosterone levels that males do, making it virtually impossible to put on huge quantities of muscle.  Large increases in muscle mass are due to: Lifting heavy weights with minimal repetitions (for example, bench press 100# 3 […]

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Broken New Years Resolutions

Did you fall into the trap of making a grand resolution that you have already broken?  New Year’s resolutions in January become the “I should do’s of February” and the regrets of March…  Getting in to a new habit or routine takes about a month, and with exercise for females you typically need about 3 […]

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A Review of 26 Healthy Habits Part Three: Types of Workouts

In this information age, there are a million voices to be heard, but is anybody really listening? The amount of traffic our minds get really makes it difficult to slow down and pay attention to any information, and then what information should I listen too? I’ve been reviewing just such information touching on 26 habits […]

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30 days…30 ways

You may be thinking – I would like to live a more healthy lifestyle; can you give some ways to get started? Here are some suggestions from Janelle Baldwin, lead trainer with Agnesian is there generic cialis HealthCare’s associate fitness center. Give them a try! Let us know how they work for you! Jot down […]

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Muscle balance important to weightlifting programs

Author: Joel Mason PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS at Agnesian HealthCare‘s Sport, Spine & Work Center There are many components to safe weightlift, including correct breathing, proper technique, spotters when necessary and progression. One key component that often gets overlooked is muscle balance. Probably the most commonly seen muscle imbalance that results from weightlifting is inadequate […]

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True or False? Women who lift heavy weights bulk up like men.

False again! Women generally do not have the amount of natural testosterone to bulk up like men do lifting weights.Female body builders can take hormones to encourage that type of muscle bulk, but they also eat a very strict diet and are in the gym more hours than the average person would dream of putting […]

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True or False? 15 reps are best for toning

True or False?  Weight lifting and doing 15 repetitions of each exercise is the perfect number to increase muscle tone and strength. This one is false! There is no magic number of repetitions with will sculpt, tone or bulk the body.  There are many different methods to achieve the goal of strength and tone. Exercising […]

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Setting up a split routine program

While total body training is great, there are drawbacks to keeping the same routine over time. When you’re working all of your muscle groups at once, you don’t have the time or energy to focus on each muscle group as closely as you would if you split your workout. Split routines allow you to do […]

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You still have time to get fit this summer

The summer is half over.  Have you put off your workouts due to the heat?  Did you plan to start working out when the weather got warmer and then never started?  Here are 25 tips from Core Performance to help you get fit this summer. It’s easy to improve your fitness in the summer without […]

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